Scented Soil

The present is the constant that accompanies existence. It is every moment of life, only lasts a moment and, once events have passed, they belong to the past. On the other hand, it is the future that corresponds with the projections we make, of what we expect or fear to happen. Since the trip isn’t decided until it is done, it represents a good part of our interest and awakens illusions. For a long time afterwards, we remember the lived experiences that are renewed each time a conversation evokes images and anecdotes and expresses the impressions those sites created.

We will talk about incredible things, unimaginable moments, spaces or places that will be forever in our memory, especially when they belong to experiences in this perfumed land of Sudcalifornia. We will be living unusual experiences.

The sea and the beaches represent a wonderful attraction to share with family and friends. Whether it be morning, afternoon or evening, the weather is favorable for the sand and the sea to charm any event or commitment. The planning begins with the selection of the ideal dates if the moon is wanted as a star to accompany the event. Surely an October moon is great for the red hues that reflect off the sea.

Travel from the sands of Cabo San Lucas, either on the Pacific side passing through Pescadero and Todos Santos to the waters of Bahía Ojo de Liebre in Guerrero Negro, or through the Gulf of California, crossing Cabo del Este, Buena Vista and Los Barriles, the Bay of La Ventana and the wonders of the beaches of La Paz until you reach a most unusual attraction … La Bahía Concepción … one of the most charming on the planet.

The mystical, paradisiacal islands and islets of Sudcalifornia are earthen figures that burst up from the waters of the sea and serve as pure food for emotions and romance. A catamaran or a yacht can take you to an amazing experience, such as Isla Espíritu Santo, San Jose, Carmen, Coronado, Cerralvo, San Idelfonso, Danzantes, Monserrat, Natividad, Magdalena, and others of the 22 splendid islands.

“To get to the mission, take the road on the right, past the four-armed cardon…” Such were the directions of the day. Between the oregano and Damina, Google maps may be confused by the references given us by this perfumed land. For those eager to experience this location, leave the electronic equipment at home.

Imagine a wedding on this earth within the framework of the secrets the mission buildings keep. Take, for example, the mission of San Francisco Javier with its two-hundred-year-old olive trees. Imagine the pleasure of contemplating such a beautiful building with its invaluable art. Rent one of the famous orchards or wed in the central avenue with a majestic view of the mission and serve appetizers such as olives harvested from local trees. There’s even a selection of excellent wine made in this community or the surrounding area.

Surely the oldest source that continues to fill popular imaginations is the rock paintings and petroglyphs that can be found throughout the peninsula. Fabulous visions of gigantic beings fill the caves, ravines and other places where these ancient settlers shaped their way of life. The rock art is perhaps the artistic manifestation of greatest importance in the life of the Californios … unusual and unique.

In a previous edition, we wrote – It will not be long before we see in a cinematic recreation The Kingdom of Calafia, The Guamas of Vizcaino, Tamaral in Añuiti, The Real Transpeninsular Way, Perfumes of Los Cabos, The Unconquerable Kingdom, and why not, Scented Earth. But we must also ask ourselves should there be a celebration of the great Sierra de la Giganta, Sierra de San Francisquito or Sierra de la Trinidad, north of Sudcalifornia?

The ranches in the southern part of the peninsula, north of the municipality of Los Cabos, are idea for events. The ranches of the San Dionisio estate are perfect for enjoyable evenings and majestic celebrations that are typical of these natural landscapes. On the other hand, there is the Santa Rita ranch. The owner takes care of this amazing place and has set it up for private celebrations. The setting is framed by the Sierra de la Laguna and contains a spring fed stream. It is an unusual space.

Surely an anniversary, renewal of vows or a wedding deserves the finest locations. The perfumed earth of Baja California Sur contains those unmistakable places.

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Edición 36 - Felices Para Siempre
Edición 36 - Felices Para Siempre
Las bodas son espectaculares en cualquier época del año en Los Cabos. Los colores se apropian con armonía a las locaciones y la inspiración no tiene límites aquí. Como resultado, las parejas pueden planear hasta el más mínimo detalle del memorable evento.


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