Del Cabo Good Vibes!

When we talk about design and event planning, we imagine incredible destination events in the best hotels or locations in Los Cabos with the trendiest furniture and the latest decorations. Del Cabo Event Design is a company dedicated to successful corporate events, weddings and social events. With more than 15 years experience in the market and destination, we can call ourselves the largest in the industry.

In addition to our other qualities, Del Cabo Event Design is home to incredible people with different capabilities. That makes us a very rich company. We believe our colleagues are our best assets. We say we have “Good Vibes” because our people and environment are the most creative and fun! Good Vibes is the best way to describe our modus operandi. Our philosophy is to make each event equal to our most innovative ideas. The attention we give the client is simply the best that can be found. That’s because we create dream events in a creative work environment. There is simply no one in this company who would not have wanted this job all his or her life. More than a job, it is a way of life, a family and a dream.

[two_first] We believe that, thanks to our relaxed work environment, we can make the most of our talents, creativity and capabilities. We have designers who are able to create new and unusual events in any location. There’s an in-house workshop of artists dedicated to producing custom furniture and table coverings out of special fabrics and exclusive designs. Our international team of talented floral designers creates complete environments out of flowers. Our entertainment creatives do everything possible to make your event more than amazing and our team of operators works hard day after day and always with a smile!

There is no more accurate of a description than Good Vibes. Del Cabo Event Design is a lifestyle that allows us to express ourselves as the creative people we are and gives us the courage to get up every morning and do our best work. We want to get better everyday by doing what we love most. Our passion is to create unimaginable events. Del Cabo Event Design is about Good Vibes!

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