Ivan Mucharratz Thierry Blouet Afirma el trabajo que realizamos, da buenos resultados y la gente lo nota. Eso nos motiva para continuar trabajando.

Ivan Mucharratz

What a very exciting award. It is important to remember that it is a team effort that takes time. The awards made it possible to see how the people’s satisfaction is reflected in the team’s work. Fish and seafood, Totuaba and Campache are favorite ingredients. Fishing is a hobby I enjoy. I watch the sunrise or sunset, off or on the road while, of course, trying culinary creations from fellow chefs.


Thierry Blouet

Café des Artiste, Los Cabos is the chef’s third restaurant in Mexico. The charming beauty of the destination captures the chef’s interest and, together with JW Marriot, the extracts the essence of the Café des Artiste franchise. We are within reach of the finest products in all of Mexico, vegetables, seafood, and many other products. They are the best a chef can have to cook! I love the sea. I really enjoy going to Todos Santos. It is my must visit for two or three days every time I travel to Los Cabos.

I am very happy to receive this nomination. It affirms the work that has been accomplished, and people notice the results. That motivates me to continue working.


Guillermo Téllez

It is an opportunity for chefs to let everone know how they cook and the quality of the food in Baja California Sur. The concept of Flora’s is unique. The menu only incorporates products that are from the ranch, including the vegetables and animal protein that are, of course, organically grown. We live in a paradise. What I enjoy when I’m not in the kitchen is relaxing on the beach and enjoying the water. I also like to go off roading in the dunes. What’s more, I like to read about the cuisines of the world.


Poncho Cadena

The theme of the restaurant is fire and it incorporates all the vegetable products available in the area, plus seafood and, of course, meat. I appreciate being nominated. From my very first trip, I fell in love with the destination. Opening a restaurant was a major achievement for me. That diners have accepted it is very exciting. Using charcoal and wood as another ingredient adds special flavor to the menu. Outside of cooking, skateboarding and boogie boarding are some of my hobbies.


Javier Plasencia

I live part time in Cabo San Lucas and am very happy to have a presence in Baja California Sur. The waves brought me to Todos Santos for the first time. Today the East Cape Surf Culinary Awards are recognition of the hard work put in by chefs and their teams. It is an important prize for the industry because it motivates each of us to demonstrate the importance of our work.


Osvaldo Vázquez

I am so fortunate to be part of this team. The small contributions that are made within Comal are a great motivation. Nature is very noble and when traveling through different parts of Baja California Sur and learning the ingredients, I find the inspiration to turn them into a fluid experience. I discover flavors and mix exotic ingredients. When not at work I like to hear other people’s stories. The fruit of those experiences nourishes me.

It has been a pleasant surprise to have received seven nominations for this event. Personally, it is important to know these awards are more than just a competition between colleagues, mixologists and chefs. They are awards that honor the gastronomy that exists in this destination.


Giammarco Vela

It is an honor to have so many fans of Sunset Monalisa. Culinary Awards is an innovative event that I am sure will bring good things to Los Cabos. Having such an important culinary scene is an attraction for the destination. In my spare time, I love being close to the sea. I like surfing, kite surfing and fishing.


Richard Sandoval

It is very exciting to be nominated, in addition to being invited to be a presenter. TORO Restaurant and the entire destination has a transition of excellent chefs. This encourages the local talent to learn in all the kitchens. It also, of course, raises the general level of culinary offerings. I’ve been visiting Los Cabos for 30 years. I enjoy the weather, the sea and being able to relax.


Rodrigo Esponda

We are very happy to have collaborated in the development of the event. Publicizing the quality of the organic farms and the talent of the international chefs that have chosen this destination for their gastronomic masterpieces do nothing but motivate travelers to visit Los Cabos.

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