“Secrets of a Piggy Bank”


Laura Bueno was born in Mexico City. She graduated from the Anahuac University where she obtained a law degree. Laura founded the law firm Bufete Troncoso at the beginning of the current millennium. A certified translator authorized by the Superior Court of Justice, she formally registered a writing and translating service in 2014 that promotes culture and reading.

With this, her second book, Laura continues in the Mexican historical genre using fiction to match up characters that are actually not chronologically from the same era. The author creates a story where Felipe, the protagonist, breaks his piggy bank and discovers the secrets that each banknote contains. He learns the history of the characters on the money right in his own room.



The way the writer brings us closer to understanding the designs of our banknotes and the history that surrounds them is ingenius. Especially since the Central Bank changes the notes from time to time for various reasons. As a result, explaining these changes to children teaches them to appreciate the notes beyond their economic value and creates a genuine interest in them.

In addition to making us laugh, the writer communicates the artist’s ideas so that, in an instructive way, both adults and children can understand the minuscule world of the history that is reflected in the banknotes.

Secrets of a Piggy Bank is a book to be read and reread. It can awaken the imagination through generations.” Jesús Corral


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