Jim Croghan’s advice for spas

In the second part of the conference given by Jim Croghan, the consultant spoke about the critical points that every spa should address. For example, being aware of how the guest feels and advising them about the products available in the spa for their well-being, as well as asking if they want to schedule their next appointment without waiting for them to have to speak again.
Also, Jim said it is essential to have the guest’s history to know the details of the person who will receive the treatment, to be sincere and discreet in dealing with the client, and always escort them with courtesy.

He also emphasized that it is necessary to have a meeting in the morning before starting the workday or in the afternoon when the shift is changed so that all the staff is aware of the activities they will have on the day.

When talking about the reception party, scheduling appointments and having an efficient calendar, Jim Croghan was specific in saying that the receptionist should always ask the same question: how much time do you have available to spend with us?

That question will be essential to allow you to live a complete spa experience. In this line of communication, Jim made reference that the therapist can work on the message that was scheduled but also present some option to the forefront that can be done at that time; for example, some anti-aging cream.

Telephone procedures for scheduling appointments should be clear with the guest, and he or she should not repeat their name more than once. If you need the correct pronunciation, it is necessary to ask for it during the call so that when the client arrives at the spa, the therapist will have no problem to say his name and last name.

When filling out the form, do not forget to request the contradictions that may exist, to ask for their email so you can have a database and to find out, employing questions, the tastes, and preferences and thus, to choose the best treatment.
As each client is different, it is necessary, says Jim Croghan, to adjust to their needs, some personalities are direct, emotional or logical. Provide your colleagues with the information they need to be successful in their procedures.

To end the conference, Jim Croghan spoke about the magnitude of sales and how this makes a big difference. He insisted that a good introduction, using emotions and consulting and informing the guest properly are things that you need to do. Finally, he affirmed that the use of artificial intelligence is the future because it optimizes customer service, responds immediately, generates reports, analyses the degree of performance, saves costs and never loses patience.

Concluding the successful talk, Jim Croghan recognized Tendencia for his effort to create a space of opportunity for the spas, an area that is developing in Los Cabos as one of the most vital when the visitor makes the decision to come to the sudcaliforniano territory.

Likewise, he stated that the
main reason he comes to Mexico is his hospitality and the genuine affection he receives. Jim Croghan has been coming to Los Cabos for 25 years and will continue to visit it for the love he gets.

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