Two families that share the value for excellence, always exceeding your expectations joined for a master class that allowed attendees to discover unique notes and amazing pairings with three cognacs Rémy Martin. 

The Rémy Martin family whose values are terroir and time, it was founded in 1724 rooted in the exception. Grapes from the Fine champagne region produce 75% of the spirits used in cognac production.

After a historical tour and explanation by the global ambassador, Lauranie Nonotte, the attendees tasted each cognac to see how the aromatic profile and complexity improves over the years.

The traditional well distillate and small stills give it elegant structure and aromas, ranging from fruity notes, soft spices to robust woody. Flavors that stood out in a gastronomic workshop where everyone discovered the ideal pairing with orange pecans, nuts, dates, Parmesan cheese or jams, and honey.

In addition, the versatility of cognac 1738 was highlighted in the mixology workshop to create fresh cocktails in combination with Guillet Blanc, Chartreuse and bitters.

Nick-San Palmilla was the venue for this experience. Find in its menu VSOP, 1738 and XO by Rémy Martin. Delight yourself with the versatility and evolution of its aromas and discover the perfect pairing with its dishes.


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