From memory to oblivion, monuments and sculptures in the city of La Paz, Baja California Sur.

Author’s Biography

Juan Cuauhtemoc Murillo (Los Mochis, Sin., 1966) The author is a primary education teacher with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history and a diploma in cultural affairs. He has held various federal, state and municipal public administration positions, including senior official of the State Congress in Baja California Sur, coordinator of the Connection and Editorial Development of the South Californian Institute of Culture and, in the municipality of La Paz, chief of the Libraries and Information Departments and the Director of Social Communication and Public Relations.

Book Synopsis

The book is the result of four years of arduous research. Illustrative and descriptive, Juan Cuauhtemoc presents a helpful catalog for tourists that includes the author, material, year of completion, location and the history of 51 different works in the city of La Paz.

This literary work emphasizes the value and importance of the South Californian heritage of tangible assets. Taking the tour on your next visit to the capital will undoubtedly result in an enriching cultural experience.

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