R  E  S  E  R  V  A    T  U     V  I  A  J  E

Stand Strong: International Community Foundation

Your Cause is Our Cause!

ICF staff works with more than 100 local nonprofit organizations, as well as U.S. and Mexican government agencies, private businesses, and other stakeholders to provide a holistic set of solutions that improve lives in the communities where we work.

Education, Arts & Culture: ICF is working to keep children in school and improve the quality of education in Mexico through scholarships, teacher trainings, innovative curriculums to improve employability, and increased access of art, music, libraries and sports programs.

Environment & Conservation: ICF focuses on coastal, marine, and terrestrial areas of high biodiversity as well as native and migratory species. We are proud of our legacy tackling tough issues like clean air, groundwater, urban mobility and land-use zoning in coastal communities in Baja California, the Gulf of California, Central America and the Galapagos.

Health: ICF invests in innovative interventions and convenes key partners to address high rates of chronic and communicable diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and tuberculosis, as well as the limited access to quality healthcare throughout Mexico.

What We Do:

  • Manage the international grantmaking process for more than 100 nonprofit organizations.
  • Serve as professional philanthropic advisors, researching relevant challenges and identifying proven or innovative solutions to achieve our donor’s philanthropic goals.
  • Ensure due diligence and accountability to ensure that donations are used responsibly.
  • Offer full tax deductibility to eligible international nonprofit organizations for all contributions.
  • Serve as a thought-leader to increase awareness of civil-society’s impact in communities.
  • Identify partners that can help bring more resources to communities in need.

More information
lety@icfdn.org www.icfdn.org

Complete Issue: http://bit.ly/TravesiaEntreDosMares-T44


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