Tendencia among friends: Raul Petraglia

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, he proudly considers himself a repeat guest and host of our Town. On three occasions he has been attracted to Los Cabos to develop projects that have been important milestones in his career.

“My first professional achievement in Los Cabos was the development of the concept of the ME brand, becoming the VP Area for the Americas, and Member of the ME Brand Team for almost 10 years. It was a fresh and innovative business model that surprised everybody and was successful at the same time. We developed events that turned out to be excellent platforms to create content for top Lifestyle brands and TV programs. Equally, all the entertainment became excellent vehicles to promote the hotel as well as the destination. My second achievement in Los Cabos was in 2014 when I had the opportunity to return to ME Cabo to co-create with a team of architects and designers, the redesign of the Hotel, its spaces, and offerings. It was while doing this that I received an invitation to collaborate as Director of the Hotels Division for Grupo Xcaret, to develope another innovative new hotel concept, Hotel Xcaret Mexico. This turned out to be an incredible experience, because of the chance to work with a 100% Mexican Company, one with such reputation and importance for this country. I am currently taking a break from the corporate world and enjoying my time as a consultant with my own agency, Petraglia & Partners. It is a stage in my career that has allowed me to find balance and a more relaxed perspective of life.”

Raul considers teamwork a vital part for reaching a goal. A team strengthens any weaknesses. Choosing team members that understand the essence of the project is critical.

“What first captivated me about Los Cabos was nature, the environment of unique contrasts and the mysticism of the desert rocks. In addition, one can enjoy a fabulous climate most of the year. Professionally, it is a place where businesspeople get together for the good of the destination. Altogether, is an infatuation deeply rooted in the senses.”

For Raul, the search for the common good, an emotional connection and teamwork are essentials. Now more than ever, they will play key roles in the effort to guarantee a healthy ecosystem and make sure travelers trust Los Cabos.

What was your first contact with Tendencia?

The first time I worked with Tendencia was while I was at ME Cabo, when the product and brand were newly launched. Both of us had an innovative and exciting product. I must recognize the professionalism of Tendencia. It is a core attribute that has been preserved since the magazine’s inception.

Tendencia is one of the print platforms we used to communicate with the Los Cabos community when I lead the ME Hotel. The reach and positive perception of their brand is good for positioning in the local market. The added values ​​of Tendencia are the desire to grow, innovate and the ability to adapt to consumers’ trends. As a customer, when there are challenges, we find solutions together.

Why did you decide to hire Tendencia as a partner?

Tendencia has been Nicksan’s agency for a while, and I find that they know how to work as a team. Second, their work philosophy and ethics are commendable. They do everything that needs to be done in order to achieve client satisfaction. This helps the company grow and thrive over time. I have worked hand in hand with Tendencia for two years on the Nicksan project. The constant innovation they provide is fantastic.

What business values ​​do you see in Tendencia?

Work ethic. Professionalism and perseverance. Tendencia has not lost any passion and that same passion is what allows us to face unexpected situations.

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