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Stand Strong: Alianza Comunitaria

“The strength of a society is determined by how it cares for the most vulnerable members.” Baja California Sur Community Alliance (BCSCA) is a state-wide network of civil participants who respond to catastrophic emergencies. Created in 2020 in response to the potential food crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the alliance is an organized private
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The Baja California Sur economy

Cristina Ortiz Manzo

The native cactus of Baja California Sur are peculiar plants. They develop a symbiotic relationship with their environment, existing in wild landscapes with scarce rain. They are even capable of growing on rocks. After many years, they majestically spread their “arms” and appear as warning sentinels on the horizon. The last part of the description
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A South Californian Eden

Scented Soil - Dr. OImos Ceseña

Nothing has done more than travel to remove the veil of ignorance, illuminate the human mind, expand the field of vision, stimulate new desires, remove international obstacles such as hatred and prejudice, achieve more intense relationships between the different races of the world and a better understanding between them, while at the same time laying
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Tendencia among friends: Raul Petraglia

Petraglia & Partners

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, he proudly considers himself a repeat guest and host of our Town. On three occasions he has been attracted to Los Cabos to develop projects that have been important milestones in his career. “My first professional achievement in Los Cabos was the development of the concept of the ME brand, becoming the VP Area for the
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Our new health and safety programs

Del Cabo Event Design joins the entire hospitality industry participating in these precautionary steps and are also enacting in-house safety initiatives such as employing stringent cleaning using products certified by Ecolab, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) Del Cabo Design and sister company Del Cabo Weddings are proud to support the global travel
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La Paz-Airapi

La Paz as seen through legends and traditions part III

Also called “The Country of Pearls,” La Paz still has rich treasures of mother-of-pearl in its bosom. It holds a special fascination with visitors, as well as with the pen of great writers through the times. Inspired by the unique geography, the diversity of life in its seas, and the wealth of the daily life
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The sloop in Airapi

La Paz as seen through legends and traditions part II

Driven by those gentle waves, the sloop “The Triumph of the Santa Cruz” arrived on November 4, 1720. This landing was totally different from the others. It was not a galleon manned by armed soldiers. It was just a sloop. Yes, a sloop bringing soldiers but only those necessary to support the Jesuits who, dressed
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La Paz as seen through legends and traditions

Called Airapi, the most beautiful pearl of the southern seas, by those brown skin people who owned you, who belonged to you in each stone, in each palm, on each smooth hill, in each shell, in each sunset and in each pearl. The Gulf of California has a rightful place in our history. It surrounds
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