Discover part of Los Cabos: La Candelaria

Time has stopped for this community of 168 residents overlooking Cabo San Lucas. La Candelaria represents the type of quiet life people long for. No wonder those who call this home refuse to abandon their country lifestyle.

Subdelegate Bernardino Tamayo examined other communities with similar economic activities that have managed to ensure that new generations remain in their place of origin. Preserving the traditions and customs of La Candelaria is the vision for the future.


Sometimes the stories that most represent a certain place are not found in books, but in the people who refuse to let them be forgotten. That is why a popular legend can still be found in La Candelaria that refers to the natives of this area as witches. It is an appellation that amuses them, because they know it is due to a resident who many years ago had a potion that cured rabies. At that time, the necessary medical advances were not available for the treatment of rabies. However, this man had a cure, and thanks to him, the inhabitants of La Candelaria have the reputation of being witches.


According to oral tradition, a ship docked at Migriño beach and one of the men on board went out to explore. The easiest way was to follow the stream that flows into the bay. He stayed on that path until he reached the area of ​​what is now La Candelaria, which he named Boca de Migriño. The native families of La Candelaria are the Gonzalez, Tamayo and Zamora.

From the mountains, the inhabitants of La Candelaria watched Cabo San Lucas grow. They were still on the mountain when the tourism industry began. They remembered the adventures of helping planes land on the highway by the Hacienda hotel, and the tuna company that, at the time, was the most important business in town.

Although they could easily reach San Jose del Cabo along a mountain road, the city did not attract their attention. It was simply a reference point. It did not tempt them to abandon their home.

Majestic Beauty

The surrounding countryside is an attraction in itself.

Like a special effect in a movie, the pantheon of the community suddenly appears on the top of a mountain. From here, the mountain views are simply majestic. Eternity makes sense here.

Right in the center of town is the church dedicated to the Virgin of La Candelaria. The church can serve as your reference point as you become familiar with the surroundings and get directions from the residents.

Economic Activities

Surrounding rural enterprises such as livestock, saddlery, harvesting of pitahaya, mango sweets, production of fresh cheese, variations of panocha sweets, and clay crafts keep the economy of one of the sub-delegations of Los Cabos active and well.


Just 40 minutes from Cabo San Lucas. We suggest arriving by the Migriño stream so you will have a spectacular view of the mountains and the sea.

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