The Therapeutic Settings of Sudcalifornia

Sudcalifornia is a land of contrasts, sea, sand, cactus, mountains, and sun. There is no arguing it is an impressive therapeutic environment, which is a practical element for improving the physical, psychological, and social qualities of the people who live here and those who visit.

The Sudcalifornia peninsula allows people to live near the beach with the privilege of soft sand, fresh breezes, and the salt water of the sea, one of the best therapies for good health.

The sea has many benefits, just floating in the water without swimming helps to relax our body. In addition, the waves provide a constant massage. Swimming in the sea helps if you suffer from osteoarthritis or aching joints. Wounds and some skin problems are other conditions that can benefit due to components such as zinc, potassium and trace elements that are found in the sea.

Walks on the sand massage the soles of the feet and stimulates the physical and psychological essence, in addition to the lymphatic and circulatory systems. A 25-minute walk over golden sands on one of the many beaches will help you fall asleep.

Sunbathing on a majestic beach in front of the Cabo San Lucas arch, or on the Palmilla Beach in San Jose del Cabo, especially at the recommended hours will allow you to load up on vitamin D.

Breathing the salt air at Playa Costa Azul, El Tule, or any of the infinite beaches along the peninsula, helps lung recovery, heals the mucosa, and reduces coughing. The breeze is high in iodine, so when you breathe, it helps to regulate your thyroid.

In this scented land, not only the sea, but the breeze and the sand are wonderful therapeutic settings. The outdoor environment allows the interaction with wildlife and fosters personal growth, positivity, and the enrichment of self-esteem. In other words, behavioral therapy. Nature is a powerful force for balance and changing one鈥檚 way of life.

Jesus Lopez Gastelum originally from Santa Rosalia BCS, in May 1927, in his work California del Sur says:

Earth orphaned by water

and lavish with salts and foams,

rugged wet geography

with milk from the voluptuous cactus;

inviolable mountains that rise

hiding your inner treasures.

The scented land of Sudcalifornia is an amazing tourist destination, but above all, it is a therapeutic habitat with a soul of natural and cultural wonders.

Several studies have shown that mountain therapy decreases dependencies, depression, and the use of medications. The mountains make you slow down and live.

If you hike the mountains with an expert, you can learn about the flora, especially the cactus such as cardon, biznaga, choya, and nopal. If you make the effort to discover the particularities not only in the desert鈥檚 beauty, but also in the healing properties, you will surely find many natural remedies.

The desert environment even provides food for the soul. As Nestor Agundez (1925), a poet from Todos Santos said, “The cactus are warriors of my land … watch the quiet of the mount … the choya takes refuge in the hollow … the biznaga among the cliffs … the gentle smile of a pitahaya!”

Just as cactus are the warriors of this land, the men and women who have passed through since historical times are the social watchmen. Generation after generation are shaping the valuable identity of Sudcalifornia, and together with the sea, the sun, and the mountains they make the scented land a majestic therapeutic environment.

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