Based on a true story, the book takes the reader by the hand and explains that it all comes down to changing your thinking and, consequently, your actions. The narrative focuses on a child who loses his parents at an early age. As a result, he falls into criminal behavior, gets arrested and imprisoned, and eventually crosses the Rio Grande to pursue the American dream. After a series of incidents, he finds professional and personal success.

“When everything we see is gray, it actually provides the perfect opportunity for brilliant ideas and a window for growth,” said the author during the book’s virtual launch.

Portrait of the Author

Jairo Torres

The author writes because he needs to tell his story. It is an inspiring story that is different from the rest, which is why he dares to share it.

In his professional life, the author has held a series of positions in the hospitality industry, including Director of Sales & Marketing, Vice President of Marketing, and independent consultant for Secretaries of Tourism in Los Angeles and Oakland in the United States and in Los Cabos, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.

Jairo, 44, is a resident of Los Cabos and a tourism expert who delivers a powerful message: “Despite difficult events, you can get ahead. I consider myself a blessed being. More than 40 tattoos are drawn on my body and each one tells a story.”

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