Activities for winter 2020 in Los Cabos!

Words can鈥檛 do justice to magic of Baja California Sur. This noble land is a portal to a culture in harmony with nature and well-being. The experiences available are numerous and we have listed some great options below.

Whale watching

Winter is the ideal season for observing the magnificent cetaceans that take refuge along these temperate coasts. Among the species that migrate here from December to mid-April are the gray, humpback and the spectacular blue whale, the largest mammal on the planet. This is one of the emblematic activities during this season.

Diving with giant rays

A little more than 185 miles from Los Cabos is the Revillagigedo Archipelago where you can dive with docile and charismatic giant rays. These colossal animals find the bubbles of the scuba gear entertaining as they venture nearby. Divers have front row seats to the magical spectacle of the dance of the giant rays.

Free diving

Scuba diving may be one of the finest experiences in the destination, but professionals can take this adventure to the extreme by entering the deep sea simply with the air in their lungs. This sport can be practiced almost anywhere in Baja California Sur, but if you are in Los Cabos you will want to visit Cabo Pulmo. In addition to being a Natural World Heritage Site, courses are available to make sure you enjoy a safe experience.


Bioluminescence is when organisms radiate light. It is one of the most surprising natural phenomena produced in the marine world. Beaches such as La Ventana, El Saltito and some areas of Isla Espiritu Santo have ideal locations for appreciating this natural wonder when night falls.


Connect with the earth and enjoy the company of your family outdoors. The sunsets and sunrises in Los Cabos are one-of-a-kind and, during winter, the reddish hues in the sky paint a picture that seems to be taken from a fantasy. The stars at night are a romantic spectacle that you will not want to miss.

Sierra de La Laguna

In 1994, Sierra de La Laguna was declared a Protected Natural Area in the Biosphere Reserve category. It is the only forest in Baja California Sur and has several hiking trails. You can access this home of numerous species at any time of the year, but the favorite time for ecotourism lovers is from October to March.

The number of activities available in this territory is endless and many of them represent a new trend for travelers in 2021. By land or sea, adventure awaits you in Los Cabos.

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