Baja California Sur, a very national destination

Baja California Sur has emerged as one of the most exclusive – and expensive – destinations on the Mexican coast. Preferred by artists, socialites, and a large number of mainly North American and Canadian tourists, the number of luxury rooms has grown in recent years, as has the number of restaurants led by internationally recognized and award-winning chefs and exclusive attractions such as visiting the emblematic arch on impressive luxury yachts, playing golf by the sea and enjoying a day at a spa with the most comforting treatments.

With this trend in mind, you would think Mexicans have more than once chosen to visit other destinations that feel closer to our way of traveling and surely to our economic capabilities. Surprisingly, nothing is further from the truth. Located on the northwest coast of our country, Baja California Sur overflows with Mexican traditions and flavors that we continue to enjoy with friends and family. Would you like to visit it?

Let’s start with the basics. The most popular destination in the state is the municipality of Los Cabos. San José del Cabo is an ideal place to stay. You’ll find quiet hotels and an historical center that offers cultural and recreational activities practically every day of the week. The most vibrant option is Cabo San Lucas, with an active nightlife and beach activities ideal for young adults. The newest area under development is Cabo del Este – Miraflores, Santiago and La Ribera delegations – where it’s easy to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and connect with nature in luxurious and tranquility settings.

There are other destinations that are less known but no less attractive. Todos Santos is a magical town steeped in tradition with a wide variety of boutique hotels and restaurants serving farm-to-table food in a friendly and extremely relaxed atmosphere. Let’s not forget La Paz, the state capital, which is home of Balandra, recognized as the most beautiful beach in Mexico. La Paz has a growing number of tourist offerings and a beautiful boardwalk, recently remodeled, where you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets. Other destinations are Loreto, Mulege, Santa Rosalia and Guerrero Negro, all full of opportunities to enjoy nature, fishing, and local traditions.

Once you have decided where you want to stay, you can access online search engines such as Trivago or Kayak or online agencies such as Best Day for the most attractive options. Make your comparisons using the different platforms and always remember to visit the hotel website. Some feature attractive promotions for national tourism or loyalty programs with discounts and special rates. High season is from October 15th to May 15th and, as in any other destination, the highest rates are at Christmas time and Easter. To get the best rates, try to book during the low season and opt for a flexible plan that allows you to make changes, if necessary.

Hotels with an All-Inclusive plan will take the worry out finding dining alternatives and will undoubtedly give you more control over your spending. That said, having all the food and drinks included does not mean you are locked into a hotel. You can fully enjoy all the outside attractions by limiting your dining expenses.

If you prefer a European plan, Google Maps, Tripadvisor and Opentable can help you choose the best option according to your tastes, the location where you are, and the type of food you want. Generally, these platforms include a rating, user opinions, cost range and even the menu. Avoid unnecessary trips by having your selection ready before leaving the hotel.

To get around, my best recommendation is to rent a car as far in advance as possible. That way, you will find the best rates and promotions. Remember that the distances between the attractions can be great. That is why the price of taxis is high.

The only thing left now is to pack your suitcase and meet us in Baja California Sur. Don’t forget your swimsuit and sunscreen, two basics for daily use. For more attractions and tips, consult Tendencia Magazine editions, both in print and online. There is no better company in the south of the peninsula.

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Edición 52 - Summer Insider 2021
Edición 52 - Summer Insider 2021
El verano lo asociamos con diversión, sol y días largos y calurosos que reponen nuestra vitamina D. ¿Y por qué no?, hasta deportes extremos. Todo esto lo puedes vivir al explorar Baja California Sur.


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