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Apuntes cronológicos de Baja California Sur y Los Cabos

About the book

Baja California Sur is a different state. Sea and desert come together here to create a unique identity for the locals and a home to those who surrender to the charm of the southern Californian soil. This place, which has captured the attention of travelers over the years, has written a history in its arid land that prevails to this day.

Throughout the book, the author presents facts and events that have taken place in the history of the state of Baja California Sur, as well as the municipality of Los Cabos.

In essence, the author takes you by the hand and leads you through the history of the territory with information arranged in chronological order, starting from the origins of the peninsula, and concluding in the year 2017. You can easily follow the thread of events and learn more about the state.

About the author

Professor Francisco Holmos Montaño was born in Santa Catarina, a community in the municipality of Los Cabos. He graduated from the Escuela Normal Urbana Profesor Domingo Carballo Felix and has a degree in Social Sciences from the Escuela Normal Superior for the State of Baja California Sur. He has dedicated his career to teaching subjects of a historical-cultural nature.


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Es otoño. ¡Disfruta de los colores de Baja California Sur y la magia de su gente!


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