A connection with infinity, being

The exclusive treatments at Esencia Wellness will turn your vacations into an experience based on the trends of the health-conscious traveler, towards an experience that works with the mind, body, and spirit to build a new version of yourself.

More than a spa day, it is a spiritual retreat that complements the pillars of a lifestyle through the rituals of Asian culture.

Upon arrival, you will receive a nice cup of tea to sip as they show you the facilities available to you during your stay. Once in the relaxation area, you may randomly select a stone to reveal the intention of your massage.

In addition, you may color a mandala to align yourself with the universe through the visual elements of the figure, according to the Hindu tradition, a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our connection with infinity.

Hydrothermal Experience

We recommend arriving an hour before the treatment you have chosen to plunge into the hydrothermal circuit that takes you away from the outside world, through temperature contrasts: the sauna is a moment of healing, the steam opens the pores and relaxes the muscles, both, combined with the Jacuzzi and cold water shower, revitalize and prepare your body.

Nobu Treatments

Nobu Nagomi

Ideal to promote energy flow, awaken the senses, purify your body and soul. The treatment includes pindas massage, with compresses loaded with aromatic and medicinal herbs, as well as essential oils to nourish your skin.


Nobu Zen

Various massage techniques are used in combination with aromatic oils in this exclusive treatment to eliminate tension and stress.


Japanese Silk

Inspired by the traditional art of Japan to stimulate the circulation and flow of energy. It also uses hot stones to pamper you and take you on a restorative journey from exterior to the inside.

These treatments can be found at the following Nobu hotels: Las Vegas, Palo Alto, Chicago, and London.

Other services

Beauty salon, gym and barber shop.

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