Aromachology and multisensory experiences

Los Cabos is the place to escape a cold winter, and Viceroy is the answer for a warm and welcoming stay. From the moment you arrive to the lobby, your senses begin to expand wrapped in Salty Sea Fig: the authentic essence of this hotel created by Aromaria. Here you will start a vacation experience of immersion and spiritual reconnection.

Freesia, watermelon, fig, violet leaves, and pineapple are some of the aromas that in fusion with oceanic notes will guide you to a moment like no other, awakening your emotions through the pleasant and intense scents, handcrafted with 100% natural ingredients.

The scent embodies the holistic experience of Viceroy Los Cabos, which encompasses minimalist architecture that is bright, elegant, and harmonious with the environment, together with passionate gastronomy, inspired by the ingredients and the local community.


Together, these elements use the aromachology or psychology of aromas to give you an emotional connection with your memories that even allows you to take a bit of Viceroy home to evoke your experience whenever you want, as it is available in the resort鈥檚 store, where you can also explore garments, accessories, and decorative items with a variety of colors, shapes, and textures.

Visit Senses on Wheels: the ice cream cart on the way to the beachfront cabana area; let your nose choose your ideal ice cream. All flavors are inspired by their respective scent.

Forget about traditional vacations and immerse yourself in your own emotions at this resort that takes luxury to another level, offering you an ethereal atmosphere hand in hand with art and something to entice all your senses.

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