Social Assistance Center by Letty Coppel Foundation

This association has worked to support the needs of many homes in Los Cabos for more than 17 years. The Letty Coppel Foundation was born in 2004, when its founder, Letty Coppel, set out to establish an association that would help improve the quality of life and contribute to the development of the communities in Los Cabos and Mazatlan.

Without neglecting this altruistic modality, it has managed to build its own Social Assistance Center (CAS) to offer free aid to the Los Cabos community.

In May 2021, we had the opportunity to attend the inauguration of this space that, since then, has fulfilled its mission by assisting numerous families with professional services. On a recent visit to the CAS we met each of the areas and the professionals in charge:

  • General Medicine — Dra. Maria Jose Urbina Apodaca

The office offers diagnosis in general medical check-up, disease detection, preventive medicine talks, among other medical services.

  • Physical Rehabilitation — Maria Rosa Ceseña Beltran | Alicia Isadora Alvarez Lopez

Provides comprehensive rehabilitation of temporary or permanent disabilities, according to the specific needs of patients, including pediatric or geriatric physiotherapy, early stimulation and physiotherapy and training workshops.

  • Psychology — Paulina E. Sanchez Rodriguez

Promotes a culture of well-being to build a better society through individual, couple and family therapy, laughter therapy, laughter yoga, workshops, and conferences.

  • Psychopedagogy — Maria Concepcion Orozco Arizpe | Maria Fernanda Salcedo Enriquez

Addresses learning and language difficulties, especially those that impact students’ academic performance, through learning strategies: sign language therapy, reading techniques, and behavioral therapy.

  • Nutrition — Yenni Gazga Irra

Promotes a healthy lifestyle through integrative nutrition education and advice on diet, obesity, and its risks, as well as workshops on childhood obesity.

  • Recreational activities for older adults

Promotes health through physical, sports and recreational activities such as: dancing, memory exercises, games, coffee talks, movie afternoons (golden cinema) and holidays celebrations. They also have a space for seniors to tell their story.

  • Self-employment

A project slated for the 1st semester of 2022, to promote self-employment with activities such as: dressmaking, costume jewelry and embroidery, haircuts, dessert making, cooking, among others.

CAS’ goal is to cover three main areas which are: social assistance, culture and tradition, and community development, everyone is welcome.

Open: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm | 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

In addition, you can contribute by sharing your knowledge, becoming an ambassador or a donor.

  • For Donations in Mexican Pesos


Fundación LC del Norte A.C.


Account number: 0110618748

CLABE Account Number: 012180001938729713

  • For Donations in US Dollars


Fundacion LC del Norte A.C


Account number: 0110618748

CLABE Account Number: 012180001106187488

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