International Rotary Club in Los Cabos

The International Rotary Club has had a presence for more than 30 years in Los Cabos. Today it is represented by the Los Cabos Rotary Club and the Del Mar Rotary Club, and the establishment of the San José Rotary Club will soon be formalized.

At an international level, the Rotary Club is a model of strength, courage, and enthusiasm to serve the community; the fundamental link has been friendship and the search for the common good. Proof of this is the Plaza Rotaria in Cabo San Lucas, with the monument of the rotary wheel.

“The commemorative wheel with its 24 gears represents the 24 hours of the day that Rotarians have to enjoy with friendship and fellowship. The central axis represents the members of the club, who, together under the direction of the president, are in charge of generating the necessary energy to set the rotary gear in motion. The six rays represent the family, action, friendship, professional ethics, and religion as freedom of worship and institutionalism.”

Monuments are erected to remind us of an event or cause. They are usually built by well-known artists and, therefore, generally also have great artistic value.

Such is the case of this space that also exhibits the symbolic mural “When the gods created the whales” created in 2017 by the Mexican master artist Álvaro Blancarte (March 27, 1934 – August 22, 2021) together with the plastic artist Yandi Monardo. With the sun as the center where everything comes to life, eyes to remember that we are being observed, it encourages us to work for the benefit of our surroundings. Soon this painting will be restored by Yandi himself.

“Also, a steel plate with a QR code will lead you to a website on which you can learn more about the painting, its history and a review of the Rotary Club”, commented the artist.

All Rotarians abide by the same code of conduct about what is thought, said, and done: It’s the truth, it’s fair to everyone involved, it will create goodwill, it will bring better friendships, and it’s beneficial to all. Under these four principles, restoring the monument is a call to keep the Rotary mission moving.

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