Loreto 70: Integral Movement of Baja California Sur

Yesterday, the 53rd anniversary of the Sudcalifornian political movement was commemorated, Loreto A movement emerged in the municipality known as “Cuna de las Misiones,” which was the capital of the two Californias at that time .-which contributed to the territory of Baja California Sur The Magna Asamblea de Integración Política del Estado de Baja California Sur established a new state as a new federative entity ..

“Today, we South Californians and Loretanos leave behind ideological differences and individual or group interests, the memory of this Loreto movement. . 70 motivates us and requires us to work together with the three levels of government and society in general, establishing what corresponds to each of us to maintain the growth and development of our land”, commented Paola Cota Davis, Mayor of Loreto.. ..

The mayor acknowledged that, as the first historical capital of the Californias, with the movement Loreto, 70 was achieved to have a sovereign constitution. It has been 53 years since the great assembly of the integration of Sudcalifornia, and we want to honor the memory of the men and women who promoted great ideals and defended the democratic principle of freedom to elect rulers. We give deserved and just recognition to each of them, who gathered from all latitudes of the territory in Loreto. Loreto: The foundations were laid for consolidating the Loreto70 movement” and the birth of democracy in Baja California Sur.

Loreto 70 was a civic movement initiated by citizens from all over the state on October 11, 1970. The purpose of this movement was to demand a governor who was a native or had roots in Sudcalifornian soil, with the ultimate goal of making Baja California Sur  a free and autonomous state.

Thanks to Loreto’s efforts, four years later, Baja California Sur became a free and sovereign state!

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