By Jesús Corral

Los Cabos is known for its sun, beaches and fabulous vacations. It’s also a place of adventure, surprise, and natural beauty, with unforgettable sights. This municipality, located in the south of the state, offers new opportunities time and time again.

Apart from the luxurious tourism, for which Los Cabos has gained recognition and awards, the rural areas offer options amidst mountains and deserts, far from the mesmerizing blue sea, but presenting a spectacular range of colours, including green, yellow, red, and many more, combining to create a true spectacle in every sense.

​Hiking and sustainable tourism enthusiasts who prioritize responsible and eco-friendly tourism can find adventures and opportunities to try some delicious regional recipes in the landscapes surrounding the towns near San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

Hiring guides can enrich your cultural journey by revealing hidden gems you may have otherwise missed. Make sure you hire an experienced guide for your next adventure. The tours can be on foot, horseback, or in 4×4 vehicles. Remember that telephone and internet communication is intermittent, so maps and radios are not only mandatory but indispensable.

If you’re travelling to Boca de la Sierra, between Caduaño and Miraflores, you can follow the stream bed and explore its corners. This is the perfect spot to escape from your daily routine and appreciate nature from a different perspective. The sunsets here are breathtakingly beautiful. Another option is to explore from Zorra Canyon to San Dionisio, in the foothills of Sierra de La Laguna.

To the north of Cabo San Lucas, past the airport, you reach La Candelaria. This place is definitely out of the ordinary due to the community’s remoteness, with 168 inhabitants. The stream bed that leads to Migriño is a place of natural beauty with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, making it an excellent spot for the return journey.

In this issue, you will find a summary of recent events we have attended: Culinary Awards and PGA Tour. In addition, we have included some suggestions for visiting other delegations in Los Cabos, including Santiago, Miraflores and Santa Anita. You will find video material in the QR codes that we are sure you will enjoy as much as we do.

We highly recommend the interview with our good friend Juan Antonio Carbajal, commander of the Cabo San Lucas Fire Department. Keep sight of the incredible tourism and real estate development that has been taking place in La Ribera, which we will be reporting on soon.

We share with you our rural treasures in Los Cabos; we only ask that you help us continue protecting them.

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Tendencia El Arte De Viajar
Tendencia El Arte De Viajar
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