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In the last edition of 2023, we would like to express our gratitude to our travel accomplices who accompanied us through Comondú, Mulegé, La Paz and Loreto. We had the pleasure of meeting incredible people who guided us, gave us interviews, hosted us and opened their hearts with memorable anecdotes. Every time we return to Los Cabos, we are reminded of how fortunate and grateful we are to live in such close proximity to such incredible places. We should visit them more often.

But in Los Cabos, we are no slouches. We have shown extraordinary creativity and resilience despite this year’s challenges. We are now more determined, united, and tenacious than ever to make 2024 an even greater success. So, congratulations!

Indeed, witnessing the unwavering efforts of those who work tirelessly to maintain our status as one of the most desirable cities is commendable.

We hope that during these moments of reflection, learning prevails above all else and goals are achieved.

Let’s raise a toast to make it happen!

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