Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, Smile Train and Therapy Comunicabo are creating days with smiles.

A press conference was held at Jazz on the Rocks restaurant to discuss the capabilities and competencies of the Baja California Sur Ministry of Health, Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, Smile Train and Terapia Comunicabo. During the signing of the “Cleft Lip or Palate of BCS” program, sweet delicacies and coffee were served alongside a spectacular view of the Cabo San Lucas arch. The program creates a collaboration between the institutions.

The alliance aims to improve the health and well-being of children and young people by providing essential medical services for their condition.

The members of the presidium were: Dr. Zazil Flores Aldape, Secretary of Health and Director of the Institute of Health Services in Baja California Sur, Marisa Comella Alvarez, Executive Director of the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, Alejandro Gonzalez Huerta, Director of Smile Train Mexico and Norma Coppel, and legal representative of Terapia Comunicabo.

Los Cabos Children's Foundation

Since the “BCS Cleft Lip or Palate” program started, 86 children have received treatment. This program is managed by the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, which is committed to using the financial resources provided by Smile Train and the foundation to ensure patients receive comprehensive care. In addition, LCCF will coordinate activities with the Ministry of Health to ensure optimal results.

Represented by Alejandro González Huerta, Smile Train is committed to contributing to the program’s financing, training, and certifying related health personnel. Also, qualified individuals should conduct periodic safety and quality evaluations in all medical areas.

Terapia Comunicabo will provide free medical assistance and speech therapy to children and adolescents with cleft lip and palate.

“The community of Los Cabos is known for its solidarity, which is precisely why we are gathered here today. The Los Cabos Children’s Foundation was established 21 years ago to bring about positive change. I commend this collaboration’s efforts and hope it continues to thrive and expand for the benefit of the families who rely on it,” said Marisa Comella Alvarez, Executive Director of Los Cabos Children’s Foundation.

Having a cleft lip or palate can be challenging, and we want to help. We invite you and your loved ones to visit our program’s website at http://www.labioypaladarhendidobcs.org for more information on our support. You can also contact us by email at contacto@labioypaladarhendidobcs.org or on WhatsApp at 624-171-5101. We’re here to provide the resources and support you need to feel confident and empowered.

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