Sabor a Cabo Rural 2024: Promoting and preserving the regional cuisine of Baja California Sur.

Yesterday, a press conference was held at the renowned Nick San restaurant to announce Sabor a Cabo Rural 2024, which will take place at the Maijanui Orchard in La Candelaria, a subdelegation of Cabo San Lucas.

The Praesidium table consisted of several individuals, including Chef Edgar Román Chavez, who is the President of Club Vatel Baja Sur; Oscar Morando Villa, who served as Treasurer; Rodrigo Esponda, the Director of Fideicomiso de Turismo de Los Cabos; Paloma Araos Wilkes, who is the President of Canirac Los Cabos; Prof. Oscar Leggs Castro, who is the Municipal President; Edith Jiménez Moreno, a researcher of the regional cuisine of Southern California; Carmen Carbajal Arteaga, who is the Vice President of Sabor a Cabo Rural; Giammarco Vela, the State President of Canirac; and, as Host, Chucho Montaño, who is a renowned voice of local radio.

The regional gastronomic festival, Sabor a Cabo Rural, is returning on March 3rd, 2024, from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The festival aims to promote and preserve the traditional flavours of Baja California Sur. It will take place at the Maijanui Orchard in La Candelaria. In this legendary location, people from all over the Republic visited the witch doctor’s house to cure rabies. Local cooks will share regional dishes, including machaca, beef head tatemado, clams tatemadas, fish meatballs, fish taquitos, and tamales.

The program includes a horseback ride from Migriño to La Candelaria. Regional artisans offer their creations, restaurants serve traditional dishes, and live sierreña music fills the air.

In addition, for the first time, organizers will give special recognition to the traditional cooks of the state. Additionally, 8% of sales will be donated to the shelter and school in La Candelaria.

Buy your tickets now! There is a quota of 450 adults and 50 children.

Remember that ticket sales close one week before the event! Sabor a Cabo Rural 2024 is returning, and we can’t wait to celebrate the return of this fantastic event with you.

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