Bigger than ever! Sashimi Fest 2024

With an inaugural ronqueo, catalogued chefs and amateurs participated in the seventh edition of Sashimi Fest. They competed in the exhibition, tasting, and grading at the great coastal event dedicated to the diversity of recipes with which the famous sashimi is presented.

This year, the jury consisted of chefs from the Los Cabos region and connoisseurs of Southern California sashimi, and the final decision was indisputable.

  • Chef Angel Carbajal,
  • Chef Jonathan Jasirt,
  • Chef Sergio Cabrera,
  • Chef Elena Sors,
  • Iron Chef Claudia Sántiz,
  • Chef Fernando Araujo,
  • Chef Julio Briones,
  • Chef Alberto Collarte,
  • Chef Antonio Ceseña,
  • Chef Enrique González,
  • Chef Pablo Ortiz,
  • Chef Joaquín Perera,
  • Chef Mario Rodríguez,
  • Chef Andrés Bracamontes,
  • Chef Edgar Román.

As part of the Fiestas Tradicionales de San José del Cabo, the competition brought together sashimi aficionados. The festival also featured the notable presence of Japanese Chef Yusuke Kogure, who captivated attendees with his talent and culinary skills.

During the morning, the judges evaluated the dishes. Around 5:00 p.m., after the attendees had gone through each stand and enjoyed various sashimi recipes and their variations, they gave their verdict.

Winners Children Category:

  1. Vanessa Rendón,
  2. Daniel Gómez,
  3. Jossué González.

Winners of the Public Awards:

  1. Heribaldo Gudiño Velázquez,
  2. Gabriel Velázquez Cuevas,
  3. Sashimeros Team.

Winners in the Choyera Category:

  1. Ricardo Martínez,
  2. Alberto Plateros,
  3. Dulce Casanova.

Winners in the Student Category:

  1. Universidad Mundial Los Cabos,
  2. Universidad Mundial La Paz,
  3. Academia de Arte Culinaria CSL.

Winners in the Gourmet Category:

  1. Erick Ulí,
  2. Cesar Martín,
  3. Alejandro Tolentino.

The coastal food festival, The Sashimi Fest, was an impressive showcase of the coastal region’s gastronomic richness, attracting food enthusiasts from every corner of the nation.

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