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Guest Destination

Boca de la Sierra: A Little Piece of Paradise

By Eligio Moisés Coronado Miraflores, Baja California Sur, is a small town in the municipality of Los Cabos, located 45 miles north of the capital of San José del Cabo. After five miles on a dirt road, you come to Boca de la Sierra, a small paradise that is still missing on tourist maps and
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Common Table

Enviably located in the Cabo San Lucas marina,in Common Table guests enjoy beautiful views from the terrace in a casual atmosphere. The inside is cozy with original decorations making it ideal for conversations or just having a good time. Urban kitchen, locally grown produce, fresh ingredients, distinctive mixology and wines from Baja California, sustainable seafood,
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Chorizos for Dinner

Juan Melgar

  An experimental theater company formed by young students from La Paz performed To None Of The Three by Fernando de Rojas at the Marquez de Leon theater. Nestor Agondez, a tireless promoter of culture, invited the actors to dinner at the only place in the village “where they serve something.” Something was cooking in
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Ichiban Sushi Bar

Located across the boardwalk of La Paz with stunning sunsets that accentuate a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Decorated with traditional Japanese elements for a complete Asian experience, it is perfect for those seeking a meeting with a client for a business lunch, or dinner with family and friends. Ichiban means the best or number one.
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The Recipes of “LUCHA”

These delicious recipes were taken from the book of Luz Maria Garayzar Verdugo, an extraordinary cook and the daughter of Juan Garayzar Larrinaga and Blanca Verdugo Pérez, both deceased. Lucha was born in Loreto on January 8, 1936 and died March 12, 1988 in Mexicali, where she had gone to see a doctor. In 1946,
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La Lupita Taco & Mezcal

You can have tacos al pastor, fish tacos, seafood tacos, of chocinita meat, barbecue or vegetables, the number of ingredients is as varied as the products of this region. They are complemented by several traditional ingredients such as Oaxacan grasshoppers, pipián, mole and tlayuda. La Lupita Taco & Mezcal offers a selection of more than
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A story from the desk of Laura G. Bueno

Such a small substance with such an ancient history: Salt

Salt is a substance within reach of most people. It is a compound that has been in existence since man. It is an ingredient that not only enhances flavors, but has medicinal, spiritual, political and economic properties. Salt is a mineral composed primarily of two elements: sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl). It is found in
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Group MBU

Bar Esquina, Templo grill+wok+bar, and Doc Wine Bar welcome Toro Latin Kitchen and Bar by Richard Sandoval. Since its opening at the end of July, Toro has been well received and recognized by the residents and tourists who have made Los Cabos a world-class travel destination. As local restauranteurs, we highly recommend visiting Toro. People
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Exceeding customer expectations has been the mission of Nicksan since its inception. The restaurant has become a favorite in Los Cabos by maintaining a team focus on excellence.   Sauces used to enrich the flavors of sushi and other dishes are created in-house and are the hallmark of a menu that highlights the main ingredient:
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The Margarita

How Baja California Sur makes one of the world’s most famous cocktails taste even better.   The variety of ways to make a margarita is as plentiful as the number of stories about who invented the original classic recipe. Dating back to the early 1930s, tales of who came up with the mixture range from
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The Legend

Don Simon Avilez and The Legend of the Damiana

Manuel Clemente Rojo Zavala, a Peruvian who for various reasons gained the political leadership of Baja California Sur in the nineteenth century. He had this to say in a remarkable series of writings on the Mexican Californias, in relation to Don Simon Avilez. “The person with this name is a relic preserved from the time
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Chef Bueno

  I am originally from mainland Mexico but Southcalifornian at heart. I will be sharing stories full of tasty flavors in this new section of Tendencia Magazine throughout the year. My cooking experience began when I was eight years old and worked as a cook in a burger restaurant. When I was 16 years old,
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By Jesus Corral

To delve into the theme of Baja California Sur gastronomy, it is important to look back in time to understand what has happened in recent years.   The three main tribes on the peninsula, the Cochimies, Guaycuras and Pericues, were nomads, somewhat reserved, and more dedicated to hunting than agriculture or fishing. With the arrival
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Cuervo´s House

The passion of the Cuervo family for the food and beverage industry goes back generations. Today, Jorge Cuervo follows in the path of his father, Don Malaquias Cuervo Rosales, who was inspired by the deep knowledge of his ancestors for authentic Mexican récipes. They introduced him to the culinary arts. Jorge shares a little about
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Indira Gems

Indira grows listening to the stories and legends of Baja California Sur, she enjoy the prehispanic culture and the mysteries that their characters represent. For Indira working in the world of gems is exciting for the spirit and energy that they radiate, her designs enhance the color and the meaning of each stone.  
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The Interview

Larbi Dahrouch, Sebastien Agnes & Yoshiaki Akaike

We had the opportunity to interview Larbi Dahrouch, Sebastien Agnes and Yoshiaki Akaike, the three executive chefs at the legendary One & Only Palmilla, a place that honors the luxury and exclusivity of Los Cabos.
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Holiday Inn

Los Cabos

Frutas y Flores is a casual beach restaurant that opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet where you can enjoy an unsurpassed view from the wide terrace overlooking the garden and pool. The enthusiastic kitchen team is committed to providing the finest cuisine from all regions of Mexico to the Holiday Inn restaurants. Chef Luis
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Scented Soil

South Californian Taste

Around the year 1700, in the Sierra de la Giganta, among palm trees on the banks of a stream in the San Javier ranch, about 20 miles from Loreto, events happened that cannot be forgotten when we speak today of good eating. After the mass was completed that was celebrated and heard by the Indians,
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Casa Don Rodrigo

The restaurant Casa Don Rodrigo is located in a beautiful antique house built in 1907 and just a few feet from the main square in downtown San Jose del Cabo. The details in the decorations have preserved part of the Don Rodrigo Aragon family heritage and give the building a vintage bohemian feel. There are
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The Resort at Pedregal

With extensive knowledge of the culture and cuisine of Mexico, acquired by living in different states, Yvan Mucharraz, Executive Chef of The Resort at Pedregal, has developed a special ability for highlighting the flavors and colors of Mexican dishes. As a result of his father serving in the Navy of Mexico, Yvan developed a special
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La Roca

La Roca International Cuisine is under the direction of Chef Lucas. Both he and his team of committed assistants are dedicated to a high standard of service. They are focused on maintaining the restaurant’s position on the list of favorites in Los Cabos. The menu takes advantage of the variety of local, fresh seasonal produce.
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