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Juan Carlos Castañeda Davis

Secretary of Tourism, Economy, and Sustainability of Loreto

During our visit, he told us about the many attractions of Loreto and inspired us to discover the hidden corners of the territory. His knowledge of the area is evidenced by his eloquence in expressing Loreto’s tourist history.

“Loreto has grown and is a town that has it all: it has an international airport and hotels of various categories, as well as different gastronomic options at tourist points. We are growing and the best thing is that we are consolidating little by little, in an organic way.”

One of the things that Juan Carlos enjoys most in Loreto is the freedom and tranquility that this city exudes, as well as the safety and kindness of the people who receive visitors with friendship and familiar warmth, making them feel at home.

Néstor Lagos Arce

Chronicler of Loreto

In addition to being a history lover, Professor Néstor is passionate about the culture of Loreto. He is proud of every aspect that makes up the tradition of this city. One of his main commitments is driven by the vocation to spread and rescue the historical heritage of this Pueblo Mágico (Loreto has this designation as a “Magic Town”).

With passionate erudition, the professor recounts anecdotes and facts that constitute the identity of the municipality. Shares with us the honor that it means for him to serve for the benefit of his city thanks to his position as municipal chronicler that he has held since 2021.

“Loreto has a great tradition, but it must be rescued and even promoted, mainly among the new generations; instill in them the love of our history and the love of progress.”

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