[dropcap background=”yes” color=”#333333″ size=”25px”]Exceeding customer expectations has been the mission of Nicksan since its inception. The restaurant has become a favorite in Los Cabos by maintaining a team focus on excellence.


Sauces used to enrich the flavors of sushi and other dishes are created in-house and are the hallmark of a menu that highlights the main ingredient: local seafood.


There are two Nicksan locations. The first is in the center of Cabo San Lucas and features a modern environment that reflects the type of people who visit. Nicksan is the perfect meeting point for big celebrations or just to have a good time.



The location within Las Tiendas de Palmilla has a more casual but elegant atmosphere with a perfectly accented Champagne Lounge Bar where you can enjoy music, including jazz, from October to June.


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Los Cabos is experiencing a culinary boom. The growing number of renowned chefs living here is proof this area has become a top attraction. Some of the chefs are responsible for restaurants that have been favorites for years and continue to maintain that title. Others have been attracted by the beauty of Los Cabos and the potential for establishing their successful kitchen in this destination.