The Interview – Isabelle Gagnon

Professional Health Coach & Lifestyle Instructor


Using a holistic approach, Isabelle demonstrates how it is essential to make changes from the inside out. The way people feel and think affects their health. We all want to feel better and look better, but sustainable changes must be achieved intelligently.

“It all starts with introspection. Many of us don’t want to go there because we are afraid of what we could find, even when most of the time we know exactly what we need to do.”

After a successful 25 year financial career, Isabelle felt empty and found herself reading and enjoying research after hours about wellness. Learning about how to have the best body, better skin and a better life helped her make a change. Offering tips on this subjects to people around her came naturally.


“Eventually someone told me, you need to change careers! In my mid 40s, I did. Even with the fear of losing my stability and financial security, I had to honor who I truly was.”


Life experiences have helped Isabelle relate to and coach those who come to her. She embraces all challenges because they build her up, make her grow, help her understand other people better, and communicate what healthy living is in simple ways. Armed with these tools, she has entered the field of corporate wellness.


Part of a wellness lifestyle is relating to others. You can have a tremendous impact on the relationships you develop. If the employees feel better and are healthy, they will have more energy and will be happier in their work. It is what I call a wellness mentality.”


As a lifestyle instructor, Isabelle understands there is no single method or magic formula for maintaining and achieving wellness. Every person is different. We have a tendency to be impatient and in a rush to see results. The problem is bad health or mental conflicts will return if the changes are not sustained by discipline.


If you are feeling depressed, sick, or tired you have two options: keep living that way or go through some painful changes to start feeling better, healthier and happier. Bottom line: the pain of no change is much more painful that what it takes to change.”


Discipline for Isabelle is waking up early to exercise even when she doesn’t feel like it. Living healthy is an addictive and rewarding feeling. Eventually, sacrificing bad habits will come naturally. You will want to keep doing it!


“A lasting change is a journey with no end. When it is more painful to not do it, the change has become part of you. This is why it is called a lifestyle. Los Cabos has a perfect natural environment and with the appropriate infrastructure it could be the number one destination for wellness.”


I want people to fall in love with being healthy. lf you don’t like to work out in a gym, do it outside. You may like to dance or run or practice yoga. Everyone is different. You need to find what you are good at and what makes you feel good, then do it.”

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Issue 29 - Life in Balance
Issue 29 - Life in Balance
Welcome to our Life in Balance issue. We hope you enjoy the interviews with the influential people of Los Cabos who have made wellness their life’s work. All are recognized experts in the fields of fitness, nutrition and sports and they’re ready to share their valuable advice on the many different methods for getting and staying healthy.