Chef Bueno: An Escape to the Pacific

Today, I will share my experience in a place that I really like to visit and try to go there often. It is called Arriba La Roca. It is a boutique hotel on the highest part of a hill with a breathtaking and panoramic view of the beaches of Cerritos and the surroundings.

It is a quarter mile off the road that goes from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos at km 74. The owners of the hotel, Mauricio and Shelby, are personally responsible for creating an unforgettable experience. The rate includes drinks, dinner and breakfast with a minimum stay of two nights. Everything is organized to allow for a few days of rest.

[two_first] Let’s get right to the reason for my article about Playa Cerritos. I decided to treat myself with a romantic getaway at this beautiful place. I contacted Shelby and asked her to lend me her kitchen to make dinner for my wife. Shelby agreed, even though they usually cook or bring in a chef to serve the guests staying at Arriba La Roca. This time, I decided to do it myself.

The menu was fresh salad and linguini with Bolognese sauce simmered for eight hours. All the vegetables and meat were organic and from orchards and farms of Pescadero and Todos Santos. The result was an unforgettable dinner in an ideal location with a great table setting and the perfect person to share it with.

Thanks to Gaby, Shelby, Marianna, and Mauricio for their support in this project and the Tendencia team that accompanied me to take photos and video to document our experience so we could share it with you.

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Issue 30 - Romance
Issue 30 - Romance
The definition of romance has been enriched and idealized over time by different genres of literature and films that feature stories about romantic characters, places and situations. Romance has also long been associated with flowers, dinners, poetry, beaches, and adventure. In other words, romance is the perfect subject for a travel magazine such as Tendencia.