What stands out the most about Sudcalifornian gastronomy is the freshness of the ingredients. Of course, “The Aquarium of the World” provides the richest seafood. In La Paz you will eat so fresh, even the clams are kept in the Sea of Cortez seawater and you can see how the waiter goes by to collect them when he finishes taking your order.

The choice of excellent seafood restaurants along the boardwalk is varied. They all offer their own star dishes such as sierra salad, cochito ceviche, chocolata clams or shrimp aguachile. For more than 40 years, the Bismark-cito restaurant has stood in front of the Malecon beach offering fresh oysters and famous fish and seafood tacos.

In addition to the seafood, organic products, especially from the Todos Santos magic town, are essential to La Paz cuisine where menus are planned according to the season’s harvest. Fresh lettuces and colorful vegetables adorn dishes of renowned chefs who have made La Paz their home.

Part of the city’s traditions are the famous hot dog carts. La Paz has made the hot dog an art, served with salsa, vegetables, and special bread made in La Paz. Some “hateros” (hot dog makers) include marinated meat, cheese, beans, and corn as “toppings” for hot dogs.

The must-see restaurants in La Paz are:

• Bismark-cito, for the tradition
• Azul Marino and Nim by chef Cristina Kiewek
• Sorstis, Mediterranean food by chef Alessandro Mancuso
• The Three Virgins featuring the creations of chef Jesus Chavez
• Nomada, restaurant and organic products store
• Dulce Romero, bakery and restaurant by chef Dulce Romero


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