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Californian Literature: Sudcalifornian Culinary Poemario

Armando Trasviña Taylor

Portrait of the Author:

Armando Trasviña Taylor was born in La Paz on February 23, 1933. He has had many professions, including historian, professor, radio announcer, public servant, deputy constituent and senator of Baja California Sur.

Retired from political life, Armando is a prolific devotee to literature. He is the author of approximately 20 literary and popular works, mostly for writing down the rich traditions and positive benefits of the peninsula.

Among his works are Loreto, Mother and Cradle of the Californias (1970), Literature in Baja California Sur (1971), The Parliamentary Systems of Mexico and Europe (1981), Sudcalifornian Culinary Poems (1997), The Padlocks of Destiny (2000), An Island Without a Map (short stories) (2013).

Portrait of the Book:

A true artistic jewel of gastronomy, published in Mexico in 1997. The book presents the Sudcalifornian cuisine, with some original recipes, in 12 octosyllabic poems and like verses and with singular humor.

For those who have or have not tasted the regional dishes, each poem will make you want to try them.

Due to its great success, the first published run has been exhausted. It can be found in the H. Historical Archive Pablo L. Martinez of La Paz or downloaded with the author’s permission at:


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