The 10 Historical and Cultural Attractions in La Paz

The first time Hernan Cortes arrived in La Paz was 1533. He was looking for an island inhabited by beautiful women and overflowing with gold. Since that time, the bay has witnessed many great events and has been visited by many important personalities. However, as with all of the vast history of Mexico, the story of La Paz does not begin with the arrival of the Spaniards. The birth of this port dates back thousands of years to the first settlers, specifically the Pericues. Despite the extreme conditions of the peninsula, the indigenous people managed to live and enjoy the benefits of the Gulf of California for many years.

Visiting La Paz means going deep into the past of the Baja California Sur peninsula. History is written on the walls of the old mansions in the city’s downtown district and legends are carried in the breeze from the Sea of Cortes. Local stories can be read in the sunsets and the traditions of La Paz can be savored in every dish.

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