The Resort at Pedregal: Spa Luna y Mar

Under the direction of Alan Navarrete, the Luna & Mar Spa (Moon & Sea Spa) offers a distinctive approach to wellbeing and beauty that is inspired by three central themes. Lunar phases and how to get in tune with the rhythms of nature. The sea, represented in the design and aquatic treatments. The shaman healer and traditions of Mexican healing.

From the beginning, the Luna & Mar Spa was planned as the center of The Resort at Pedregal. Beauty is the essence of the architecture. The spa was designed by the illustrious Sylvia Sepelli who is renowned in the industry for her great sensitivity toward situating spas into the destination and the surrounding culture.


“The spa that has impressed me most is definitely this project. I had the chance to be involved from the beginning. It is part of the culture. When you enter, you realize that you are in Mexico, the essence of the country. It is what we call a sense of place.”

The saltwater meditation pool is a hallmark of the spa. The design simulates an oyster open upon the sea and the massage cabins are integrated into the natural environment around the pool.

The concept focuses on the stages of the moon and can be seen in the central vault, the massages, treatments and even the aromas that have been created to be in tune with the lunar phases.

“Since our inception, we have used an exclusive company for our organic facial and body products. In addition, we have products designed to meet the individual needs a guest may have at the time. For example, the essences of the moon.

Different aromas are used for each stage of the moon. The aroma we recommend is for the guest who enjoys getting in touch with the rhythms of nature. There are mixtures of essences that have an effect on our nervous system once they touch the skin and the system absorbs them. As a result, each stage has its signature aroma or combination of essential oils.”

The wellness industry, specifically the spa sector, took off between 2006-2007, even though it was always a luxury part of the hotel. From that point on, you had to become aware of all the treatments and products the spa business offers. Then you had to become knowledgeable about how to apply them.

“Los Cabos joined to boom and that’s when hotels began to add spas. It was no longer seen as an independent consumer center, but an integral part of the hotels.”

Alan finds inspiration in his team, aromas, different massage techniques and in personal well-being.


“I always say that the law was my career and the spa my passion. It is an industry surrounded by so many women. It is very easy for me to communicate with them.

Our staff is impressive, including those work in the reception area, the locker room, and the therapists who make the entire experience very interesting and enjoyable for the guest. For me that’s the luxury. The service is consistent. We value how guests feel, what mood they are in, what they are looking for in that specific spa visit. I think that is what makes our service a luxury.

Well-being is that set of things particular to each person that makes him or her feel good. Everyone seeks their own level. We have to discover those practices that make us feel comfortable.”

The meditation pool, sauna, cold room, massage huts, every space in Luna & Mar has a aroma. combined with the breathtaking view of the sea and the lunar treatments will relax your senses to return them to the primary state of well-being.

“Whoever visits us can take home a piece of our Mexican culture with rituals created by healers, enjoy treatments from expert hands and hearts dedicated to help and healing, all within a marine paradise of absolute relaxation.”


In Mexico, The Resort at Pedregal was the first on the Pacific coast to be honored with this recognition. Up until 2018, there were only three spas with 5 stars in all of Mexico.

  • FORBES 5 Stars 2018 & 2019 (Only three spas in Mexico with that distinction).
  • #1 in the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine 2012

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