California Ranch Market and Cecilia Basurto

California Ranch Market invites you to be part of a healthy lifestyle, to start walking the path of wellness and, above all, establish good eating habits.  A healthy lifestyle is possible with California Ranch Market thanks to organic products and recognized brands that promote natural ingredients. Change is often difficult because of long working hours and other distractions that interfere with organizing meals. It is easier to choose foods that are not beneficial for your health.

For those reasons, California Ranch Market, along with nutritionist, Cecilia Basurto, are happy to share information and effective recommendations.

  1. What does it mean to have a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is based on the integration of eating habits, weight, laboratory studies, physical activity and importantly, a connection with yourself: to give yourself priority over work. Wanting a healthy lifestyle is wanting more. It is wanting to take care of you. Eating correctly means you want to feel good, you want to treat yourself well. As a result, you work on the self-esteem part and you realize what you accomplished and how you changed.

  1. How can people with long working days keep a balanced diet with healthy products?

We live in accelerated times with long working hours. The start of the work day is well established, but the end is not. On top of that, technology has made us sedentary. In times like these, it would be best to remember old school methods. For example, make a grocery list. It will help you plan your menu for the week ahead.


I tell my patients to eat what is served in the employee lunchroom, but breakfast and dinner must be a meal prepared by them. They can wash and chop papaya, melon or pineapple and store or freeze them in Ziploc containers and take one per day. You can also take almonds or other nuts or apples and pears that do not need refrigeration and can help you during the day as snacks.

  1. What are some tips and foods that help to eat healthy?

Eat abundant fruits and vegetables. Minimum eat two cups of fruit and vegetables a day. Eating fruits as a snack will keep your metabolism accelerated and keeps the “inner fat” calm by reducing anxiety.

Look for lean proteins (lean means no fat) like the egg. You can eat eggs with vegetables and what better place to find natural ingredients than at California Ranch Market. The eggs sold here are organic or from free-range chickens. The result is better quality and flavor.

In turn, superfoods are those that in small portions provide many nutrients. Maca is an excellent example. It provides energy and is a hormonal regulator. Chia and cocoa are ancestral products used by the Aztecs and are superfoods native to the country. Oats, amaranth, flaxseed, and hemp seeds are easy to use and, if stored correctly, can be kept up to two years.

Prepare a smoothie in the morning with almonds, soy or skim milk, and no sugar. Add frozen or fresh fruit and a teaspoon of one of your superfood choices. This can be breakfast on the way to work!

At California Ranch Market, there is an incredible variety of superfoods and imported products of first-rate quality.

More information is available to help you in the wellness challenge on California Ranch Market social channels.

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