Traveling: Enhance your Baja California Sur Experience

Interest in traveling forecological and sustainability reasonsis onthe rise. In fact,it is nearly inconceivable these days totalk about unsustainable tourism. Even manyactivities that might seem harmfularenowpracticed within a framework of regulations. They are increasingly sophisticated and carefully supervised so as not to disruptthe environmental balances. Sportfishing andhunting are good examples.

In recent years, we have witnessed how awareness has been raised in climate change at all levels around the world, not only because of the obvious consequences of floods, disappearing glaciers, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural phenomena,which mayhave always existedbut now their gravity and magnitude have exceeded the imaginable,but because it would be unforgivable to continue irresponsibly altering what has only been lent to us.

Atthe 2006 Sundance Film Festival, Al Gore, former vice president of the US, releasedthe documentary “An Awkward Truth.” Itshook consciences.However, sometimes it seems that humans areforgetfulbecause very important subsequent efforts have been required to reinforce the data presented. As his title indicates, thecontent was aprelude to what is happening today.

The natural follow-uphad to be “a very uncomfortable truth,鈥漰recisely because of the need to continue the awarenessof global warming and supportthe use of renewable energy.

And that is where tourism should be directed. To reduce the greenhouse effect andcreatea better world by choosing the activitiesand the placeswhere you decide to visit.

Baja California Sur unconditionally supports the effortto avoid economic activities that are not compatible with sustainable tourism.

There is no effort, no matter how small, notworth considering. It is the sum of all those efforts thathas raised awareness ofBaja California Sur in the eyes of the world. It is precisely whydecisions have been madeto invest in more and better hotels, restaurants and world-class services. It is only now thatreal estate growth in this area has shown the figures that support the efforts.

It will soon providea large-scale competitive advantage.Small, high-impact actions, such as the disposal of single-use items, are only the beginning of a genuine interest in reversing the negative effects of global warming.Water is a precious commodity.

The scarcerit becomes, the more it isappreciated. Baja California Sur has a semi-desert climate and we cannot afford to under-appreciatethe value of this element.All our activitiesare dependent on water. Therefore, we take care of the supply and we appreciate the rain that maintainsthe wells.

We monitor the development of our infrastructure, always in search of alternatives and financing.We sanction pollution and we work hard to developnew ideas and understanding of the hydraulic processes necessaryto restore ourreserves.

In every sense, Baja California Sur is a state with ecological awareness and a clear focus on tourism

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Edici贸n 44 - Travesi虂a entre dos mares
Edici贸n 44 - Travesi虂a entre dos mares
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