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Baja California Sur has a plurality of communities that enrich and complete the tourist experience. At the same time, it is the historical and cultural characteristics that make every community different. What they all have in common is the warmth and hospitality of the people.

Los Cabos is perhaps the one place in the entire Mexican Republic that has experienced the most migration in the last six or seven years … and it is not for no reason.

The big question is, why? And the answer is a variety of reasons.

A city can be considered ideal for obvious issues such as investment opportunities, professional growth or as a second residence. In addition, metrics that might be considered include political and social, medical, schools and higher education, public services, entertainment, housing and environmental factors. These considerations provide guidelines we can use to decide if a city has the parameters to obtain the desired quality of life.

Los Cabos continues to reinforce its position as one of the top places to visit. It is widely considered one of the most exclusive luxury destinations and on par or superior to other international sun and beach destinations. Travelers are offered an unparalleled experience thanks to the service and the constant professionalization of tourism businesses. Of course, we can’t forget the almost shocking investments in infrastructure.


The first hotels were family businesses in privileged places such as Palmilla, Chileno and Finisterra. And then the right pieces came together, the universe conspired, the investments were deposited, the plans made, and the development of Los Cabos went viral … it detonated.

It took no time for certain areas to become known for their exclusivity, such as Pedregal, Palmilla, Cabo del Sol, and Cabo Real. Little by little the popularity of the entire destination began to gain notoriety. Past issues of TENDENCIA have noted how Los Cabos was growing. We are talking about the early 80s.

As a result of this growth, the vision for tourism rapidly developed with new plans and strategies, including timeshare and fractional, all-inclusive projects and subsequently, the rental of properties that include all services. In some cases, even the rental of cars and yachts!

Reasons to live and stay to enjoy this peninsula are many and diverse! Everyone can have his or her own. However, the common factors are the beauty and natural harmony between the blue of the sea, the green of nature and the different colors of the desert that contrast with every sunset. All this provides a magical environment for any lifestyle project. We may even consider the dream of “conquest” that has attracted so many of us to this peninsula.

La Paz, Loreto, Todos Santos, San Juanico, San Miguel de Comondu, La Purisima, and Santa Rosalia all have a unique magic. And that’s just a few. You can complete the list.

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Edición 45 - Sudcalifornian Lifestyle
Edición 45 - Sudcalifornian Lifestyle
La tranquilidad, la pureza del ambiente, el clima y la aventura son razones suficientes para decidirse a iniciar una vida en estas lejanas tierras. Descubre lo que investigamos sobre bienes raíces para esta edición.


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