From an ever-growing cooking and dining scene to an explosion of first-rate business investments, everything necessary for an excellent vacation, including great views everywhere you look, make Baja California Sur the place to live.

What did the first people we interviewed share with us?

The majority think the nature of the peninsula is our greatest attraction. With four airports, they also believe it is an international, safe, inspiring and captivating destination. Definitely, what makes Baja California Sur unlike other tourist sites is the essence and enthusiasm of the people.

It’s interesting that our interviewees didn’t hesitate to name a project they have dreamed about that has or will benefit the quality of life in the region.

Agustín Olachea

Listening to Agustin Olachea speak of La Paz is like listening to a father talk about his son. For him, La Paz has genuine warmth provided by its people, the same people who receive national and international tourists with open arms.


“La Paz is ready to receive tourists thanks to its robust urban infrastructure as well as the many entertainment events, such as the Tour de France, Triathlon, Pasion por el Sabor, La Paz Open Golf Tournament and La Noche Pegajosa free concert”.

Some of his favorite places are the Espiritu Santo Island, the boardwalk, and the mogote.

What’s Next?

With 30 years of experience in the tourism industry, Agustin foresees La Paz becoming the model tourist destination in Mexico, and in a few years, the place we all want to vacation.

Somehow that has already started with the 600 new hotel rooms that will soon arrive in the capital of Baja California Sur.

“My favorite activity: Playing golf surrounded by the stunning views nature gives us.”

Patricia Mendoza

“Los Cabos challenges you to make the best version of yourself. It reinvents you.”

15 years ago, Paty Mendoza came up with the idea of Art to Table. Today, that dream is a reality.


“An Art to Table menu reflects the work of the guest artist. It is an experience that enlivens all the senses. The chefs and sommeliers interpret the artwork to capture the colors, flavors and aromas. It is a challenge.”

What’s Next?

One objective is more Los Cabos projects. Paty wants a recycling program that teaches people to separate their garbage. Also, she would like to resume the program at the marine museum and, finally, bring more art to children.

Just seeing the sea and breathing the pure air inspires Paty. The clarity Los Cabos provides motivates Paty Mendoza to grow, dream and contribute.

“My favorite hobby: horseback riding.”

Pablo Armenta

“What I like the most about Los Cabos, is its people”.


Pablo Armenta is a person who enjoys dealing with people, this is his major strength as a property sales agent: talk with his clients, understand them and know what they are looking for.

“The service in Los Cabos generates a detonating chain. We are a great team, if we see ourselves as complements and not as competition”.

Another of his qualities is that he loves to work with a team because in that way, he is giving a piece of his heart to the person he deals with and that connectivity, therefore, helps us grow.

His passion has always been real estate sales. He has traveled from Cabo del Este, Buenavista and La Paz, to El Triunfo and Todos Santos.

What’s Next?

His project for Los Cabos is to have the opportunity to support people of low socioeconomic levels to have decent housing and hopes to be able to massively help the community so they have a place to call home.

“My hobbies are mountain biking and hiking.”

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