Paolo della Corte, a spontaneous chef in Los Cabos

Paolo is a chef who embodies carpe diem. His inspiration comes from his surroundings, from travel, from experiences and even from silence. As is typical of Italian culture, growing up with his Nona and mother and watching them prepare meals gave Paolo a taste for cooking.


“Los Cabos makes me happy. I think it has one of the best climates in the world, at least of all the places I’ve visited. Being able to go to the beach at any time is something I love. In addition, the raw material for cooking, from vegetables to the catch of the day, is the best there is.”

Paolo finds inspiration in travel, even if it’s just for three days. He tries to escape whenever he can. Other times, ideas come to him in silent moments alone.

“Traveling always opens your mind and lets you learn new things. It enriches you in culture and also in gastronomy. It is said that the best ideas come to you when you travel or when you are silent, without thinking about anything specific. That’s why I always carry a notebook with me, to write down my ideas.”

When Paolo is not in the kitchen, he enjoys spending quiet time at home or traveling near Los Cabos and throughout Mexico. His perfect vacation in Baja California Sur would definitely be with his family, wife, parents, siblings and all who join in.

“I love Mexican culture, even when I only have three days to travel.

I am grateful that my wife is with me. If my entire family were here, it would be even more exciting. Another of my dream destinations is Japan. I will be traveling there soon.”

Favorite dish for a meeting with friends: I usually improvise to suit the preferences of my friends. However, Paolo’s special is a tasty pasta.

“Happy” dish: A simple sandwich or quesadilla.

Essential utensil: Some special tweezers and my knives. I even take them on vacation!

Words to live by: Prepare a dish a thousand times. If it doesn’t surprise you, don’t serve it.

“Of course, we are open to the local community. We want locals to experience the facilities, spa, restaurants and enjoy the beautiful view.”


Nobu Restaurant is the most elegant restaurant of the acclaimed Nobu Matsuhisa and is only open for dinner. Share authentic Japanese cuisine placed at the center of the table or let yourself be pampered by the chef when ordering Omakase style.

Malibu Farm. Farm-to-table dished prepared with local products is the focus of this restaurant. The casual, family-style atmosphere is ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Pacific Restaurant. Rich, simple and relaxed. The Pacific Restaurant offers a menu of unassuming Mexican food for breakfast and lunch. At night, space heaters create a warm atmosphere right in front of the sea. You will be captivated by the sunsets accompanied by contemporary Mexican cuisine.

Ardea. From the Latin for burning, to burn or to set fire, this new restaurant will pay tribute to smoke. The steak house will feature aged meats, an open kitchen, a wine cellar and imported cheeses. Coming soon in 2020!

Nobu Los Cabos makes itself available with monthly and weekly events to.

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Edición 46 - Baja California Sur, Mexico
Edición 46 - Baja California Sur, Mexico
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