Volunteer Participation is Key for the BCS Community Alliance to Achieve its Goals

The Baja California Sur Community Alliance (ACBCS) continues to work to bring food aid to families in need in Baja California Sur. The ACBCS’s commitment is to support 40,000 families during the months of the crisis caused by the presence of the virus in the State.

To fulfill the established commitment to deliver this food aid, the ACBCS is delivering an average of 1,500 food pantries Monday through Friday. This represents many hours of work, from the organization of routes, the preparation of pantries, the loading of vehicles, to the distribution itself, which is carried out door to door in accordance with established biosafety guidelines.

Foto por: Jaime Llaca

“The work of the volunteers is extraordinary. They donate their time and put all their will so that together we can achieve the goal” Víctor Rafael Flores Linares, volunteer coordinator at the state level for ACBCS.

The coordinator explained there are volunteers who work in the field in the deliveries and others support from their homes doing office work, there are also those who donate their time and vehicles to support the delivery effort and are responsible for transporting supplies and documents for the logistical needs of the operation.

Approximately 85% of the pantries are distributed in the municipalities of La Paz and Los Cabos. The rest are taken to the other municipalities, concentrating on rural areas. Deliveries in rural areas require a special effort since you have to camp to reach the most remote areas. Volunteers in localities that work in small groups called cells, are a key element in order to achieve these deliveries.

Foto por: Alfredo Martínez

ACBCS currently has 129 active volunteers out of almost 600 that have registered. All volunteers receive zoom training both in biosecurity and protocols for the delivery and use of the application to register beneficiaries. On average, volunteers spend 19 hours working.

ACBCS calls on community members interested in volunteering to register on the alliance site https://www.acbcs.org.mx/volunteers

On the site you will find all the details. The ACBCS operates on the principle of altruism and does not conduct proselytizing actions and does not make pre-delivery records, so it is important to inform citizens that they are not fooled by people who intend to collect their data for the Alliance, except when Deliveries are made and no identification is requested from those records. For ACBCS it is of utmost importance to work under the principles of transparency and accountability to society

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