Tendencia among friends: Julio Rodriguez

“Although it is cloudy, the sun always shines behind.” León Tolsói

Originally from Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Julio arrived in Los Cabos 12 years ago, attracted by security for his family and job prosperity.

His creative mind and spirit lead him to suspend his timeshare career after eight years to venture into a project called Cabo Inclusive, an image, events and marketing company.

The videos created for this project opened the door for collaboration with the Baja California Sur Tourism Promotion Secretariat in an effort to develop the image of adventure tourism. His most recent project is Viva La Plaza, the new face of culture and family in Cabo San Lucas. Viva La Plaza is a place where you can go to spend time with family, friends or just enjoy ice cream and listen to music. It is a much-needed space in the center of the city.

“I have a great passion, or actually, I think it is the will to carry out projects. More than challenges, I have always looked at the circumstances as opportunities. Perhaps the biggest challenge for all my projects is having the necessary budget from the very beginning to turn an idea into a reality.

I believe each area of ​​a project must be left in the hands of professionals. If not, circumstances like the one we are going through now make it clear that you just can’t get anywhere. Real estate growth is an important factor for Los Cabos. However, the offer of cultural entertainment and social development is crucial for the expected tourism.”

He considers Los Cabos his home. It is a destination he loves for the climate, impressive colors and for being a land of contrasts. It is an inclusive community with the freedom to lead a simple and carefree lifestyle.

What was your first contact with Tendencia?

Cabo Inclusive, my first project. Logically, I wanted it to be managed in alliance with the best communicator in the destination. I saw beyond a magazine. For me, Tendencia was a chronicler that filed the documents of the city and narrated the events of our destiny.

Why did you decide to hire Tendencia as a partner with your business?

If anyone understands what is happening in Los Cabos, it is Tendencia. I discovered they know how to work as a team in each area: social networks, design, print or digital marketing and image development.

We have worked on two different projects that helped businesses learn how to understand their clients and build their image. Tendencia believes in the projects and joins in. That is worth a lot because it is reflected in the work. Tendencia is the storefront of Los Cabos.

Which business values ​​do you see in Tendencia?

Trust, generosity, honesty, transparency, elegance, surprising professionalism, patience, and they tell you when a project will take time. Also, social, and human consciousness.

Tendencia relies on the people who make up the company. They know where they are going and are organized.

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