R  E  S  E  R  V  A    T  U     V  I  A  J  E

Los Cabos, an inner journey

I do not know if it comes from inside. It is the kind of message where the main subject is me, but I cannot express it. It feels like a hunch or a feeling, but I cannot describe it. The only thing I know for sure it is that I need to figure it out.

Do you ever feel this way?

Maybe it’s time to take yourself to a powerful place that awakens your senses and is receptive to what you want to say. If so, today is your lucky day. Consider this as part of the message: Los Cabos is a place that will help you connect with your surrounding energy.

California’s Mexican peninsula is rich in four natural elements that form our interior and exterior state. Water, earth, wind, and fire come together in a touching moment that has been in development for thousands of years and enhances the perfect universal energy just in time for sunrise at Los Cabos beaches.

Bare feet touch the sand, the sky illuminates and a wonderful orange captures your attention. A sea breeze that begins on the horizon breathes life into you. The light triumphs over the darkness and the sun begins to shine. As always, the energy of life arrives in Los Cabos in a shocking, powerful, and an inspirational new beginning.

The flight of the pelicans over the water communicates the peace and perfection of the moment. Fish jump announcing the hubbub of life. The great circle in flames appears in its entirety over the sea and the rays ignite the consciousness of a new opportunity.

Take a deep breath. The message is already in your heart and at any moment it will be revealed. Walking on the sand and touching the water is another part of the experience because you receive the energy from the center of the earth. So is closing your eyes and listening to the power of the sea as the waves crash. At that time, realize your role in the universe.

Something even more powerful would be to acknowledge the ocean for some minutes to help you release the tension in your mind and body. Each sunrise has its own light. A suggestion would be to put away your cellphone at the beginning of the sunrise because this experience is only for your soul. I am sure you will have another opportunity to return for that extraordinary photograph.

Before you know it, you understand where you are. In Los Cabos, the sunrises from the Gulf of California are amazing and so are the sunsets on the Pacific Ocean. Finally, share your experience, it will help you remember the purpose.


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