R  E  S  E  R  V  A    T  U     V  I  A  J  E

The art of expressing yourself in Viceroy Los Cabos

Viceroy Los Cabos has always been a brand that supports and promotes art. Hence the idea of opening a gallery that unites the values of the hotel and offers guests an experience that touches sensory fibers.

The artistic program aims to have different artists – both Mexican and international – to exhibit their works each month at The Art Gallery & Art Studio.

The space is a kind of store that brings together different Mexican brands such as Aromaria, which are specialized candles with incense and incredible aromas. In fact, Aromaria created a unique aroma for Viceroy Los Cabos that is a combination of salt water and fig that can be purchased at Viceroy.

Another unique feature of the art gallery and shop is that you can paint, thanks to the workshops that will be held. You will have the opportunity to express the art that you have inside. Today’s art is more flexible and relaxed, so taking art classes is the perfect excuse to create what you dream.

Viceroy does not want you to be the best, does not expect you to be anything. What it is looking for is that, in the process of creating, you have fun and that, in some way, it is a personal and intimate evolution where you connect emotionally. For the brand, the most important thing is that you have lasting moments in your memory and come back whenever you want to disconnect.


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