Los Cabos Embraces a Lifestyle of Care and Prevention

It is common to hear locals say that “Los Cabos is the best place to live and vacation.” Sometimes it can seem like it is a line that has simply been memorized. Most of us say it because we are convinced of it, but when compared to any other place, it is easy to confirm that this local motto rings truer than we think.

Let us talk about how Los Cabos has adjusted to the new reality in the world, now that the presence of COVID has affected the way we do things. Earlier this year, while the world was shocked by the situation and the tourism industry came to a complete halt, Los Cabos was preparing to reopen.

Hotels and businesses got the certifications the health authorities established as necessary to avoid infections. In June, Los Cabos became the first destination on the Mexican Pacific to receive the Travel Safety Stamp awarded by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). The certification is given to destinations that adopt hygiene standards and protocols that protect the health of travelers.

“Los Cabos is unique,” commented one visitor. “Here we feel safer.” Locals are more than pleased to hear this because everybody plays an important part every day. It is not easy to work a full shift wearing PPE, but the effort is worth it when we see that all the social distancing measures that have been implemented provide peace of mind for those who choose Los Cabos as the best option for their holidays.

We are a caring community and when it comes to implementing and following protocols, we have learned to do it well. What for us has become “normal,” continues to surprise visitors. Where they come from, the use of facemasks can become a reason for protest and, in a display of defense of their freedom, it is common to see people who refuse to wear one. The protocols in restaurants and other establishments are not standardized and even airports lack protocols beyond requiring masks and having disinfectant gel dispensing stations.

All this stands in stark contrast to the evident adherence to protocols our visitors see at hotels, restaurants and all open establishments in Los Cabos and the rest of Baja California Sur.

Los Cabos is a tourist destination where authorities and communities work in a coordinated manner to offer the best possible experience to visitors. The locals not only put on the “Los Cabos team” t-shirt, but also the facemask and shield. We also offer mats to disinfect footwear, disinfectant gel and the best of smiles so that each person who enters either a hotel, a restaurant or a business knows that things are being done carefully and conscientiously to take care of the well-being of all. We can honestly say that in just a few months, everyone in Los Cabos has turned sanitary and prevention protocols into part of our daily lives.

The world is moving into a new version of normal. That is one more confirmation that Los Cabos is the best place to live and vacation.

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