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Design experiences that make dreams come true

To start designing the theme for an event, the professionals at Del Cabo Event Design and Yaya Rentals bring ideas to life on a mood board using textures and colors. This extra effort allows the team to deepen the essence of what customers want to project.

When planning a wedding, they take into account the time the couple has been preparing for that moment and their budget. Although it sounds trite, they work hard to understand and visualize the wedding of your dreams, because that dream event will lead to more dreams.

The information you provide is reflected on the mood board. You may also be asked to provide photographs that can provide a base understanding and an idea of what you’re looking for. It will be easier to visually understand the concept.

That is when the colors and textures are chosen, followed by the furniture. A knowledge of the location is also important in order to integrate the visual atmosphere and the expected experience. The color palette and textures are key. They are the true benchmark of inspiration. People are highly visual and the colors in an event generate emotions.

The recommendations the team provided for the spring season is a version that can be used for both a brunch and an afterparty. The entire color palette is fun, with different textures and shapes; very versatile. Flowers were chosen that can be found in any season with a mixture of many types and a diversity of shapes and colors.

At Del Cabo Event Design and Yaya Rentals, design is everything. The work culture employed to generate new ideas and new concepts is one that values everyone’s creative input. The more people, the more ideas.

Their motto is: “You dream it. We bring it to life.” They are aware that they work with the most precious thing, dreams. It’s literally true that you just have to dream it.

Visit their showroom. That’s where the magic begins.


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