The Interview: Jazmin Almada Duarte

What is unique about Los Cabos is its strength. It is important to highlight that the companies in the business of tourism have focused on staying organized, competitive, and serious with the implementation of safety protocols.

I am Jazmin, a business consultant, founder, and director of Proyecta MX, based in Los Cabos. I invite companies to continue betting on innovation as a resource for increasing their competitiveness.

For 10 years, Jazmin鈥檚 company, Proyecta MX, has been advising other businesses on how build an intelligent structure and internally maintain order. For her, it is important that the companies she advises are clear about their purpose.

Jazmine鈥檚 professional career began at a young age in the family businesses. Years later, before starting her own company, she held management positions in both the private and public sectors.

In the face of the challenge caused by the pandemic, Proyecta MX designed a three-stage program that contained greater planning and better forecasting for companies. In this way, entrepreneurs were able to navigate the phenomenon without suffering substantial losses, sensitize their work team, find new ways to reconfigure themselves and incorporate a hybrid work culture that allowed transformations that kept the business operating.

For Jazmin, the evolution of any company is essential. Businesses must have the flexibility to undertake changes, restructure and implement permanent actions without losing the philosophy that makes them unique. Apart from these processes, she emphasizes maintaining a healthy relationship between worker and employer in order to obtain the desired results for both sides.

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