Perhaps it could be said that winter revolves around Christmas. It is the season when emotions abound, either for the New Year, and all that it implies such as the famous list of resolutions, recapitulation of events, nostalgia for the year that ends, the gastronomic delights that come with the season and that begin on Thanksgiving – although technically this celebration takes place in the fall – New Year’s Eve dinner, rosca de reyes, tamales on the day of the Virgen de la Candelaria, among other options that we enjoy here, thanks to the mingling of cultures in Baja California Sur.

These are the months to cook delicious recipes passed down for generations, which make their appearance at family gatherings and special parties.

As it鈥檚 always the case with the meals served around the holidays, drinks that complement the food cannot be avoided, as well as long and pleasant after-dinner talks, which sometimes we wish never ended, precisely because they bring together relatives and friends from different places that, often, we only see once a year.

It is also time to discover, to invent recipes, mix new ingredients, come up with new flavors, exotic drinks, and dive into cooking: that wonderful art that brings people together and sparks conversations. For this reason, this time I would like to write about sensory gastronomy, one that provokes feelings, memories, and special moments, based on the stimulation of the senses: touch, taste, hearing, smell, and sight.

It is hard to imagine a watermelon-flavored grape, a shrimp-flavored turkey, or a tomato juice flavored white wine. Well, that’s how difficult it is to imagine winter without its seasonal flavors.

Speaking of sensory experiences, winter is the time of year, as we mentioned before, to get close to our loved ones that, on many occasions, we do not get to see as often as we would like. And why not? Invite them to San Luis Gonzaga, Isla Magdalena, or Puerto San Carlos for a sensory experience like mountain biking, glamping, hiking, diving, kayaking, or fishing.

As always, and in a very special way, we invite you to explore the history of the people of these communities, which, although remote, are part of the historical and recreational mosaic of Baja California Sur.

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