El Cortés Golf Club, Lorena Ochoa Foundation and Los Cabos Children’s Foundation: United to benefit children

One of the most moving aspects of Baja California Sur is the bonds that unite us through diversity and, above all, the desire to help others. This year, El Cortés Golf Club was the host of a special meeting, starring Lorena Ochoa Foundation and Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, who joined in a Meet & Greet with the athlete from Jalisco to raise funds for both associations.

Lorena Ochoa said, “I am very excited to be in La Paz. It’s been 11 years since I was at the opening of this spectacular course with Gary Player, I have very nice memories. Whenever I had the opportunity to play with a professional as important as him, it motivated me to continue training, with all the desire to improve and to continue representing Mexico”.

The result was an inspiring talk in which Lorena opened her heart and shared a moment of pleasant coexistence with children, youths, and adults in which there were some questions and answers, as well as demonstrations and some recommendations to enjoy each game of golf to the fullest in this setting in harmony with the desert, the vegetation, and a spectacular panoramic view of La Paz Bay.

“This event was planned with all my heart to help my foundation and Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, which is very supportive of all the children in Baja California Sur,” Lorena expressed with great enthusiasm.

Education is one of the topics with which Lorena Ochoa has always felt an affinity. Her charisma has given her a special connection with children, generating in her the desire to support this sector so that they can obtain a comprehensive welfare system.

“I have always been committed to education. In Guadalajara I have a school and we are also helping different schools nationwide. Los Cabos Children’s Foundation invited me to participate in this cause, what I like the most is teamwork and joining efforts for the benefit of children.”

Pie de foto:Lorena Ochoa is considered the best Mexican golfer of all time. During her professional career, since 1989, she has obtained more than 120 titles at the state, national and international levels for which she was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Recuadro informativo:In 2010, Lorena Ochoa accompanied Gary Player to the inauguration of El Cortés Golf Club, this occasion created an emotional reunion atmosphere after 11 years.

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