Spring Wines

Welcome spring! At this time of year, the vines begin their flowering process in the northern hemisphere. After this beautiful blooming, the fruit that allows us to make our long-awaited wine is born. In the southern hemisphere, the harvests and the vinification process begin, so that later the vines lose their leaves and enter “hibernation”. While in one part of the world everything is beautiful and flourishing, in the other, everything moves at top speed to harvest the best fruit.

This time, we have chosen wines for you to enjoy as it should, starting with fantastic bubbles, which represent the best quality in both Champagne and Prosecco! We present a new sparkling wine on our list, with the best quality and denomination, and that’s not all! It’s organic too.

These two sparkling wines are perfect for any occasion, especially accompanied by a Baja-style taco. Thanks to those bubbles and their good acidity, they pair very well with fried foods.

White and rosé wines are essential for spring. These wines are extremely fresh and easy to drink on any hot day. The two white wines we chose are from emerging wineries in Mexican viticulture, from the Guanajuato and San Luis Potosí regions; and both will surprise your palate. With these labels, we invite you to discover phenomenal proposals that offered by Mexican producers. Rosés are classic for spring and the beginning of the heat. These two wines are from the southern regions of France, perfect for pairing the dishes offered on the peninsula.

Our red wine recommendation is a good Beaujolais Villages wine, which has no added sulfites. Wines made from this Gamay grape are perfect for pairing with any type of bird and even a good steak.

Champagne, Henri Abelé Brut Rosé $1,032

L´Ostal Rose Cazes, Pays D’Oc, Languedoc $464

Rumor Rose, Côtes de Provence $992

Laberinto Gewurztraminer, San Luis Potosí $360

Tres Raíces Blanco Joven, Dolores Hidalgo-Guanajuato $342

Prosecco Superiore, Ius Naturae Valdobbiadene Orgánico D.O.C.G. $650

Mr. No Sulfite, Beaujolais Village $557


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